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Food home delivery in all cities of Ukraine

Every year in Ukraine becoming more popular European and American fashion - to order food at home. And the site Svitresto can order takeaway from the best restaurants and institutions. It is very convenient and advantageous for various reasons. Firstly, it is a total saving of time you would have spent on buying food and cooking. Second, it saves money, because thanks to permanent discounts and promotions on Svitresto, you can get meals as a gift or bonus in the next purchase. Thirdly, Svitresto provides around the clock delivery of hot and fresh dishes. And in addition to these three important reasons, takeaway on site Svitresto also very tasty, delicious and flavorful.

A large variety of dishes on the site Svitresto

Takeaway from Svitresto - is, first of all, very tasty and unusual. We will help you to diversify your daily diet original dishes that you never dare to cook at home. Site Svitresto menu features a vast selection of dishes and treats almost all cuisines of the world, and can surprise even the most advanced gourmet. Here you can order on the house, as traditional dishes, such as salad "Caesar" with seafood and vegetable stew with mushrooms and cheese, as well as unusual dishes such as gazpacho or sharp tacos. You can order on the house spicy, hearty, sweet, vegetarian food, which will be delivered within the hour. It has the advantage of prompt delivery site Svitresto before other food delivery services in Ukraine. We take care to order meals were delivered as quickly as possible in airtight containers, and keep your unforgettable aroma, taste and smell.

Traditional cuisine for home delivery from the site Svitresto

In Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv, Lviv and Donetsk, like national cuisine, as it is very tasty, hearty and helpful. Our site Svitresto offers an extensive menu of traditional Ukrainian cuisine from the best clubs and restaurants of the city. You can order your meal at the house of ancestors, and have a stylized ethnic evening with your family. We have at all the usual dumplings and borscht and dumplings with various fillings, interesting pastries and other dishes from the test. In addition, each city has its own traditional Ukrainian food, which can also be ordered online Svitresto. This mincemeat Odessa, Lviv and strudel, and Cherkassy soup, and even herring under a fur coat in the Kharkov, all this and more can be found and ordered on Svitresto.