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Terms of Service

Dear user site!

We recommend to carefully read the User Agreement before ordering. User Agreement shall enter into force from the start of use of the site. User warrants that it has reached 18 years of age, has legal capacity and has the right to use this website in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
Continuing use of the site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement and unconditionally accept the terms. If you do not agree to the terms of service or if you have doubts about some of them, you should refrain from using the resource.

1. Terminology
1.1 Client - individuals using the site, at least 18 years of age, have full legal capacity and have the right to use the website in accordance with the current legislation of the country.
1.2 Principal - user, natural or legal person registered in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, which currently sells its products through placement on the site
1.3 Agent - Website, to attract customers in the interests of the Principal and the further implementation of the Products of the Principal.
1.3 Products - Food product that is manufactured and sold by the Principal in the interests of the Customer, by posting on the site the terms of this Agreement.
1.4 Order - information about choosing the customers with products, decorated according to the rules site (photos, description, cost, shipping address, or ex, contact details of the Client and the Principal).

2 Subject User Agreement
2.1 The subject of the User Agreement has provided services site.
2.2 Administration site has the right to make changes to this Agreement by placing a new version of the User Agreement at site. Changes may be made at any time. Before each use of the resource should be familiar with the Agreement. Continuing to use the site, you agree to its terms and unconditionally accept the terms.
2.3 All information on this site passes through moderation, but the agent is not liable for the accuracy, reliability and compliance with the law posted by users.

3 Provision
3.1 The client site via registration site agree to the Terms of Service, accepts the terms of ordering, payment and delivery of products placed on the site.
3.2 Ordering - customer chooses and order, by registering on the website and sent to the electronic list of the Principal ordered products using site.
3.3 By adopting a customer order could indicate the payment products in any of the following methods on a resource.
Agent 3.4 is not a Principal and produces no output.
3.5 The Agent shall not be liable for any actions of the Principal, for the quality of supplied products, the availability of documents, as well as delays and failures associated with delivery.

4 Obligations and rights of the parties
4.1 The client has the right to register on the site, provided that at the time of registration, the age of 18, otherwise he should refrain from using the site.
4.2 The Client agrees to provide current and complete information requested on the site.
4.3 The Client shall have the right to receive truthful information relating to the products offered. Exceptionally Principal is solely responsible for the relevance of the information and its compliance with the standards and requirements in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine provided on the site.
4.4 The Client undertakes to notify the Agent and the Principal of the change of your order no later than 10 minutes after ordering.
4.5 The Customer agrees not to resell, copy, repeat The products and the information provided on the site
4.6 In case of defective products was received and this information was confirmed, the Client is entitled to apply to the Agent for the recovery from the Principal of the order value or tightening of the requirements for this Agent Principal.
4.7 The Customer undertakes to receive and pay for their order designed according to the rates and conditions, which are placed by the Agent on the website.
4.8 The Customer undertakes not to use the site to advertise not post any material that violates the rules of the website or third parties.
4.9 The client has the right to leave comments about the reception of the order.
4.10 The Client shall be entitled to receive products in the stipulated time and place.
4.11 The Agent shall receive and execute orders, depending on the terms of the agreement between the Agent and the Principal. Agent undertakes to make every effort for the smooth provision of services to the Client and the Principal.
4.12 The customer, the Principal and the Agent shall not be placed on the website viruses and malware.
4.13 The agent has the right to suspend or prohibit access to the Client and the Principal to their office on site.
4.14 The agent has the right to update the information posted by the Client and the Principal.
4.15 The Principal is solely responsible for the placing on the website of trade marks, images, names, descriptions and other information. Posted on the website any information Principal confirms that it is entitled to use the information and does not violate the rights of third parties.
4.16 The agent is entitled to demand from the Principal to send proof of his identity documents, documents confirming the use of TM, all trademarks, names, pictures, texts and any other information that may violate the rights of third parties.
4.17 The Agent shall not be liable for non-compliance by the Client and the Principal conditions on request.
4.18 The Principal is fully responsible for the quality of the products and confirms that owns all the necessary documents and permits for the manufacture and sale of products provided to them.
4.19 The Principal shall promptly make changes to any information on the site regarding changes delivery terms Product prices and any other information.
4.20 The Principal shall specify the relevant conditions and the cost of delivery, as well as the actual cost of production is not higher than the one for which it implements the Principal is site.
4.21 In the case of violations by the principal, the latter may be imposed penalties, temporary restriction of work on the site, as well as a complete cessation of cooperation in the event of serious irregularities or fraud in the part of the agent or a third party.
4.22 The agent has the right to make changes to any account and change the information at its sole discretion at any time without notice to you of such actions.
4.23 Users may not copy, distribute and use for personal interests and the interests of third parties any information posted on the website
4.24 Users are not permitted to use the resource for illicit purposes that may harm or damage to third parties. All responsibility for the actions that can result in causing harm or damage to third parties, lies solely with the user.
4.25 The Agent has the right, without giving any reason to refuse anyone the right to use the site, lock, or erase personal account from the site at its discretion.

5 Register, safety and order on the site
5.1 Registration is permitted to individuals, who at the time of the Order reached 18 years of age, have the capacity to act and have the right to use this website in accordance with the provisions of the legislation of its country.
5.2 The client is given the opportunity to create your own account on the site. Thus the client gets the opportunity to participate in promotions, loyalty programs, view order history, leave comments on the site
5.3 Upon registration the Customer will receive a personal login and password to log in to your account on the site. The customer bears full responsibility for the safety and security of your login and password. It is forbidden to transfer, sell and register a new account in the interest of third parties for commercial purposes.
5.4 The customer confirms by registering and giving consent to a regular newsletter by e-mail and SMS messages to your phone. The customer has the right to cancel the regular mailing, writing about the post, remove or suspend your account.
5.5 The client undertakes to place online only relevant information.
5.6 It is forbidden to post foul language, incitement to violence, extremism and other materials, which are prohibited by current legislation of Ukraine.
5.7 The Client shall be solely responsible for the content posted, violation of the law, causing injury or damage to third parties.

6 Terms of payment
6.1 The principal, under the contract with the Agent on site allows the Customer to pay for the Products in several ways: the courier in cash, cash in an institution, the courier card, the card in an institution or on the card account of the Agent in the interests of the Principal, with further payments in favor of the Principal .
6.2 Payment is possible only after confirmation by the Principal that the order will be executed within a specified time.
6.3 If you choose to pay by bank transfer is carried out on the debit side of the bank and bank acquirer is fully protected.
6.4 When you return a product of inadequate quality refund in all cases lies with the Principal, as the person responsible for the Products.
6.5 Procedure for returning a product is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

7 Confidentiality
7.1 All information regarding the relationship of the Agent, Client Principal Products and Orders is confidential and trade secret.
7.2 Site users undertake not to send confidential information to third parties, except at the request of the authorized state bodies in accordance with the law.
7.3 The Agent reserves the right to use the Client's personal information, he pointed to the site, the site in their own interests, not passing the information to third parties. This information is primarily required to submit proposals for the site, bonuses, shares and other information, swinging activity site.
7.4 The Agent reserves the right to record telephone conversations with site operators to improve the quality of services. The Agent shall make all possible efforts to prevent unauthorized access to this information.
7.5 If failure to comply with these requirements of the user, the Client or the Principal, the Agent has the right to bring to justice the Client and to demand compensation for damages.

8 Other conditions
8.1 The agent is not involved in the possible differences and disputes between the Principal and the Client.
8.2 Agent reserves the right to change items of this User Agreement at any time. All changes will take effect from the date of posting on the site
8.3 All questions and suggestions for improvements are made to the resource mailbox Agent: